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Phelan Im Sorry I broke Your Company
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I'm Sorry I broke Your Company

Karen Phelan
I’m Sorry I Broke Your Company
When Management Consultants Are the Problem, Not the Solution


I'm sorry. I really am. Does it help if I say I meant well? To be honest, though, its not entirely my fault. Were all victims of a flawed business model. What happens when you hire new employees fresh out of prestigious business schools? What are they good at? Performing logical analyses, learning models and theories and applying them, and creating new models and theories. What are they most lacking? Real-world experience. So how were we to know that the models and theories were wrong? They were elegant and logical, and based on our experience with models and theories, that's the mark of excellence. Fortunately, I was a little bit different from the rest. My degrees were in engineering and science, and I had a brief foray into a scientific career in a military laboratory before becoming a consultant. I knew...

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