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Anonymous Rosie Her Intimate Diaries
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Rosie: Her Intimate Diaries


Rosie: Her Intimate Diaries


Why should I not publish my diaries? In its pages there dwell far more interesting anecdotes about noted personages from across the entire social spectrum than appear in the censored, restrained recollections and apologies of our best-known and respected men of letters-though when I informed my greatest friend, Sir David Nash, the infamous Mayfair rake, of my intention 'to publish and be damned', his cheeky comment was that most of the letters in my manuscript would be French!
But I firmly believe that the truth should be told and I have not succumbed to the mealy-mouthed hypocrisy of the age by bowdlerising events. If I may be allowed to quote from a critique by Captain Philip Pelham, who has kindly reviewed this volume for that jolly little magazine, The Oyster. 'Rosie D'Argosse has charted her erotic career for the delectation of all lovers of gallant literature. Her l...

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