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Baxter Little Tina_s playtime lovers.fb2

Baxter Little Tina_s playtime lovers
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Little Tina_s playtime lovers

Harry Baxter

Little Tina_s playtime lovers


There was no avoiding Tina Rogers once she walked into a room. She stood six foot three inches, and had long, jet black hair that fell straight past her waist, brushing the tops of her buttocks. Her long straight hair made her look even taller than she was, and to this she added boots or platform shoes with a three or four inch heel. Yes, she stood out in a crowd, but not only because of her height. Her tell frame was covered with the juiciest arrangement of flesh any man could hope for. Her breasts we large and firm and didn't need a bra to hold them up, her waist was slim and her hips full-fleshed and very, very suggestive.
Today she wore a halter-top that let the bottom of her breasts swing free, and exposed her middle to the bright sunshine. She also wore a pair of faded dungaree shorts that started about four inches below her cute navel. They ended just an ...

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