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Hailey Hotel
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The "gilded youth" party has turned out a disaster... A noble foreigner has killed two people in an accident and tries to get away with it... A daughter of a millionaire, saved from the hands of her rapists, falls in love with her rescuer... No, that's not a detective story. That's a day by day routine of an immense luxury hotel. Here the careers are made. Here the hearts are breaking. Here the deals are arranged and the money is raised. Here people are living...

by Arthur Hailey

Traveller, pray lodge in this unworthy house. The bath is ready. A peaceful room awaits you. Come in! Come in!
-Translation of a sign at the doorway of an inn, Takamatsu, Japan.



If he had had his way, Peter McDermott thought, he would have fired the chief house detective long ago. But he had not had his way and now, once more, the obese ex-policeman was missing when he was needed most.

McDermott leaned down from his husky six-and-a-half feet and jiggled...

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