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Hudson Fedora Unleashed 2008 edition.fb2

Hudson Fedora Unleashed 2008 edition
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Fedora™ Unleashed, 2008 edition

Quick Glance Guide
Finding information you need is not always easy. This short index provides a list of common tasks discussed inside this book. Browse the table of contents or index for detailed listings and consult the specified chapter for in-depth discussions about each subject.

How Do I…?
How Do I…?

Back up my system?
Chapter 13
Partition a hard drive?
Appendix B, Chapters 1, 35

Build a new Linux kernel?
Chapter 36
Play MP3s and other music?
Chapter 7

Burn a CD?
Chapter 7
Print a file?
Chapter 8

Change a password?
Chapter 4
Read a text file?
Chapter 4

Change the date and time?
Chapter 32
Read or send email?
Chapter 21

Compress a file?
Chapter 13
Read or post to newsgroups?

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