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Jeter Bloodletter
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K. W. Jeter
(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine − 3)

To Chris and Lynn Hoth, with thanks

Historian’s Note

This adventure takes place before the STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE episode “Battle Lines.”



A CRY RANG through the engineering bay.
“Lousy piece of Cardassian crap!”
More words followed, in a vocabulary colorful enough to draw expressions of distaste from a Bajoran work crew nearby. Dressed in the drab gray of one of their planet’s more puritanical sects, they hadn’t yet become used to the rougher edges of station life.
Chief Engineer Miles O’Brien, still cursing, emerged from a thrust-device compartment’s access port. Blood threaded from the corner of his brow, gashed on one of the gantry chains running taut to the vessel’s exposed innards. It was only slightly redder than his sweating face.
“Is there some difficulty you have encountered?” O’Brien...

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