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Jeter Hard Merchandise
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Hard Merchandise

K. W. Jeter
Hard Merchandise
(Star Wars: The Bounty Hunters Wars-3)


Two bounty hunters sat in a bar, talking.
"Things aren't what they used to be," said Zuck-uss morosely. As a member of one of the ammoniabreathing species of his homeworld Gand, he had to be careful in establishments such as this. Intoxicants and stimulants that produced feelings of well-being in other creatures often evoked a profound melancholy in him. Even in a high-class place that supposedly catered to all known physiologies—the soothing, programmed play of lights across the columned walls, the shifting spectra that were supposed to relax weary travelers' central nervous systems, struck Zuckuss as crepuscular and depressing as the faded hopes of his youth. I had ambitions once, he told himself, leaning over the tall, blue-tinged glass in front of him. Big ones. Where had they gone?
"I wouldn't know," said Zuckuss's companion. The droid bounty ...

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