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Redman Mark_s wandering wife vol. II.fb2

Redman Mark_s wandering wife vol. II
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Mark_s wandering wife vol. II

Stanley Redman

Mark_s wandering wife vol. II


It was noon, a warm Saturday in August; Phillip Gates sat at the desk in the den of his suburban split-level home with several law books opened before him, while he watched subconsciously through the window the provocative full contours of shapely Beth Tierney, their next-door neighbor, who, clad in the briefest of white bikinis, was pretending at puttering with her flower beds. He noted further that the wisps of cloth straining to cover her generous endowments were wet, offering an almost diaphanous quality that caused him to swallow tightly. She had evidently just climbed out of their pool and it occurred to him suddenly that her damned near naked presence right in front of his window might not be coincidental. She was aware that he studied there on Saturday afternoons; besides, she had mentioned something to that effect when she and Jack, her husband, were ove...

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