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Schlangen Little brother_s big thing.fb2

Schlangen Little brother_s big thing
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Little brother_s big thing

Lee Schlangen

Little brother_s big thing


"Living in the boarding house gave all of them more sex than they could handle. Still it was little brother's big thing that held most of her attention… so rigid and so near and so always ready for her hungry lips."
"Stupid sonofabitch! Where you get off bein' so cheeky!"
"Ain't cheek! I seen 'im!"
"Don't sass me! Goddamn ungrateful whelp! Yell at me I'll take your hide off!"
Friday night at Ma Conner's boardinghouse. Seven of us at the table and one skulking from chair to chair trying to get a handout without Ma seeing him. Eight, and only five were paying guests. Typical scene, too, and my food was churning already, like it always did by the time I could get away from that dining room.
As if it weren't bad enough to sit down to every meal with my pussy taut from wishing Eric would get under the table with me or something! But, no; that must not have bee...

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