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Wilkinson The family reunion book II.fb2

Wilkinson The family reunion book II
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The family reunion book II

Grace Wilkinson

The family reunion book II


"How could I have done it?" Carrie Livingston awoke with a delicious sensation in her loins… that feeling that she had felt often before when as a young woman she had indulged herself with indefatigable lovers. This time however, she knew that it was not a question of some young man she had spent a pleasant afternoon with, but rather something much more serious… something she could hardly even admit to herself this morning. It had been with her own son-in-law!
Beside her, her husband John lay, snoring deeply in sleep. Carrie shifted her voluptuously formed body beneath the silk sheets. She looked over at her husband's craggy, handsome features. A terrible feeling of guilt swept over her as she realized that John hadn't an inkling of an idea just how far she had gone in her search for reassurance that she was still attractive to younger men.
"It's only because I ...

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